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Description: Emotionally intelligent people are aware of how they and others feel, ethically intelligent people know how to use this awareness the right way. I may tell you that I feel fine, but you as an emotionally intelligent person see that my face, voice and manner suggest that I'm actually quite upset. It is through your ethical intelligence, however, that you know you ought to help me and what form this help should take. Being ethically intelligent means not just knowing what is right; it also means having the courage to do what is right. Knowing the right thing to do without putting that knowledge into practice doesn't help anyone. Ethical intelligence may be the most practical form of intelligence there is - and the most valuable. It is the key to being fully human. In 'Ethical Intelligence', Bruce Weinstein, a popular business ethics columnist and speaker, teaches us how to develop ethical intelligence. Weinstein shows that developing your ethics IQ will determine how successful you are in your job and in your relationships with your family and friends, and the way you feel about yourself. Ethical Intelligence is the first book that shows how to increase your ethics IQ in every area of your professional and personal life and why it is in your own best interest to develop the highest IQ you can. Through numerous real-life examples and interviews with CEOs of Fortune 100 companies as well as athletes, celebrities and political leaders - some of whom will describe their lapses of ethical intelligence and what they learned from these experiences - Dr Weinstein applies the principles of ethical intelligence to all aspects of our work and home lives, drawing us back to the core of a life well lived.


ISBN: 9781608680542