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Description: The Law of Attraction - how to use the mental and physical abilities we were born with to create wealth and success - is wonderful to know, but many who have discovered this secret still lead miserable lives. <i>The Greatest Secret of All</i> clearly explains this law of manifestation but then takes it a quantum leap further, revealing what is truly important in life. In this inspiring guide, you will find the simple secret to a life of happiness and ease, and the secret that lets each of us contribute to making the world a better place for all. This audio can help you to see what is no secret but what has remained hidden from your awareness, and the result will be to profoundly change your life. Dr. Bernie S. Siegel, bestselling author of <i>Love, Medicine, and Miracles</i>. Marcs unique approach to success and fulfilment is inspiring. In <i>The Greatest Secret of All</i>, he explains that the ultimate secret to a life of fulfilment is something we need to discover for ourselves, in our own words, and that it will include more than material gain. Shakti Gawain, bestselling author of <i>Creative Visualization</i> and <i>Living in the Light</i>. <i>The Greatest Secret of All</i> is a wonderful contribution to humanity. It sounds a new note that has universal resonance, and gives us the key to a life well lived. - Gay Hendricks, bestselling author of <i>Five Wishes</i> and <i>Conscious Loving</i>. Few teachers get my attention like Marc Allen. He has this way about him that is utterly relaxing and believable. He takes lofty success principles and brings them to earth in simple yet compelling ways. I have tried the principles he suggests in this book, and they really work. They will work for you, too. Success audios dont get any easier than this - or more effective. - Alan Cohen, author of <i>Relax into Wealth</i>.


ISBN: 9781577316404