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Description: How much would it cost to put solar-electric panels on your roof and sell the excess power back to the mains grid? And how long would it take for a solar hot water unit to pay for itself? How does a solar-electric panel work anyway? And how much rebate will the government give me if I put solar-electric panels on my roof?These are some of the questions answered - jargon free - by Green Power Today, Australias first national guide to renewable energy for householders. Learn how to understand, cost and order a complete off-the-shelf, grid-connected, solar power system whether you live in the middle of the city or out in the bush.For off-grid households, learn about solar power, wind energy and even micro-hydro units that can power your lifestyle without generating Greenhouse gases.This is the book to take the next step from feeling concerned about climate change to taking powerful action to fight the problem and set a great example to your family and neighbours in the process. You can feel good about your home energy system, while saving money and insulating yourself from power price rises. - Alan Gray, editor of Green Power Today. Solving climate change is the great challenge of our age and this timely book will give you the practical answers that can set you on the path to a carbon positive lifestyle.


ISBN: 9780957894723