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Now We're Coping

Author: Sangster, Chris

Description: Holistic strategies for coping with life's challenges. This book combines spiritually-based experiences, offering readers a wide range of techniques, applications and philosophies for coping with stress. The self-help techniques outlined here are based on the belief that a focus on the present, with a cross-relationship to a positive future strategy, helps each individual better cope with the vicissitudes of life. Readers learn to take personal control of their life situations by experimenting with a variety of viewpoints and subsequent actions. With effort, a personal strategy will evolve for each engaged reader. Many of the chapters are stand-alone, focusing on the following subject areas: communicating positively, coping with time constraints, sound in healing, including many examples and exercises.


ISBN: 9781905398300

Dimensions: 19.00 and 13.00 cm

Page Count: 176