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Description: Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.Dr. SeussThe images and words in this lovely book lead us to simple answers. Theyre meant to help us look at life as not the complicated, overflowing with stuff to do, be, and have state of affairs that its gotten to be. To help us pare away, find whats essential, embrace the less to find the more. To look at the difference between needing and wanting in the emotional as well as the material realms.Most of all Less Is More is about balance. Mina Parker writes, In algebra, I remember, the equals sign means is. The one side is equal to the other. Theyre balanced. Two plus two is four. Less is more is a sort of a balanced equation: less equals more. The many ways that less does equal more is the subject of this book. Another way to look at is is getting to the just right, state in life, which we almost never think we have until we stop to think about it and then, really, we do.And how, you might ask, is abundance related to less being more? That answer, too, is simple. On the more side of the equation this book is a celebration of finding the simple pleasures, of celebrating with gratitude for what weve got, of looking for ways to find hidden value in things we overlook.Divided into four sections: Hidden Treasures: Savoring Simplicity and Cultivating Clarity; Enough Is Enough: Finding Balance, Making Do, and Moving Beyond; What You See Is What You Get: Outlook, Attitude, and Optimism; and Credit Where Credit Is Due: Blessings, Bonuses, and Gratitude.Talbotts luscious photos, taken specifically for this book, celebrate especially the abundant beauty of nature, the earth we walk on, the flowers and fruits of abundance.


ISBN: 9781573244534