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Boundaries in an Overconnected World

Author: Katherine, Anne

Description: The Facebook "friend" who is really barely an acquaintance but is suddenly filling your feed with posts about what they had for lunch. The relative who forwards offensive political jokes twice a day. The website that asks for detailed, private information from you at every turn. These annoyances are really examples of boundary violations; sometimes they're just annoying, but sometimes they can cause serious problems. As connectivity encroaches into every corner of our lives, it has all sorts of unintended effects, many of them for the worse. Yet as we worry about the effect it's having on our privacy, our ability to focus on our work and families, on our friendships and important relationships, and even on our sanity, we recognize that we don’t want to give up the convenience or advantages the internet has given us either. What we need to do is establish healthy boundaries with this technology. Now one of the authors who helped bring the idea of defining and implementing healthy boundaries to a mass audience, therapist Anne Katherine, has written a book on how to do it with technology. Boundaries in an Overconnected World is the first book to help people set healthy and safe personal boundaries with social media, smartphones, and the internet in general. It's also the first to help people address (and prevent) the rifts in real-world relationships that new technology can create. This technology makes us vulnerable in new ways — and requires us to think differently about boundaries. Boundaries in an Overconnected World gives readers the tools to keep themselves safe — and to manage the many new distractions that can disrupt meaningful personal connection. Boundaries in an Overconnected World is for anyone who wants to protect themselves in cyberspace and on the phone; anyone who needs to learn to rule (rather than be ruled by) their smartphones, computers, and other devices; anyone who wants to make the most of connectivity, while minimizing its dangers and distractions; and anyone who wants to stay safe, protected, and connected in the ways that genuinely matter.


ISBN: 9781608681907

Dimensions: 21.60 and 14.00 cm

Page Count: 224