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Description: This book by well-known Australian journalist and writer Jacinta Le Plastrier explores the power for women in integrating the Higher Feminine - the Divine Feminine - into their everyday identity and lives, and examines the Twin Flame relationship in terms of new possibilities for intimacy and sexuality. Book Description: For you, dear reader, who is a Lady of Light in your own right. May you remember, and experience, all that you truly are, and all that you can be. This is the intention of the Higher Feminine councils for this book. 'The Divine Woman and the Twin Flame' is a bridge to your Higher Feminine, and a profound exploration of the possibilities for relationships, intimacy and sexuality now available to women and men on Earth. The Twin Flame relationship is at the heart of this. Selling Points: - The book contains much new esoteric information, channelled by the author, which is especially relevant for the planetary changes associated with 2012. It is a guide to Feminine Ascension at this time. - The book has also been developed into a series of workshops which the author will present across 2012. - The author will also be writing and publishing a number of articles in the media linked to the themes of the book. - The book appeals to any conscious woman reader who wishes to deepen her understanding of the Divine Feminine, and apply this power in her everyday life. About the Author: Author Jacinta Le Plastrier has many years' experience in the mainstream media as a journalist and editor. Her most recent role was as Melbourne editor for Belle magazine, and she contributes regularly to the Age newspaper. She is currently the publisher at the prestigious independent poetry press, John Leonard Press, and has been a poet and essayist for the past two decades. Promotional Support: In-store and window promotional posters are available for this book - email editor@arcadiapress.com.au Australian.


ISBN: 9780987162519