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Author: RAY TIM

Description: Published in Danish in Autumn 2010 and sold 53,000 copies. This entertaining and thought-provoking book exposes the common myths about love that sabotage our relationships. Ray presents a revolutionary new way of looking at our relationships and why they can be so problematic - and then he goes on to offer some refreshing, new advice as to what we can do about it. The book's basic premise is that most of us believe in a wide range of myths about men and women, love and relationships that we've never questioned. And it's our unquestioned belief in these myths that confuses us and makes us unhappy in our relationships. To help readers understand the power of myths in our lives, Ray identifies some of our most common relationship myths". And then he shows us how we can free ourselves from them. The result is much greater clarity, joy and love in our relationships. What are the benefits of buying this book? - Your relationship will benefit immediately--without waiting for long years of therapy first - You will understand how to stay happy in your relationship no matter what happens - You will feel happy whether you have a partner or not Endorsements: "When it comes to relationships, there are self-help books all around the world, but I've never read anyone who has done so much research into 'what happens to the hero and heroine after they finally get each other' as Tim Ray." - Jane Aamund, Denmark's leading woman writer and author of countless bestselling books. "An entertaining and courageous book that shows us how we can experience more happiness in our relationships by questioning the traditional way of doing things. I warmly recommend this book to everyone who's interested in personal development." - Joan Orting, Denmark's leading sexologist, couples therapist, TV host, and best-selling author."


ISBN: 9781844095841