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Description: In 1950, while discussing UFOs with other physicists at Los Alamos, Enrico Fermi asked, where is everybody?" i.e. If there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe, why do we have no proof? Samael Aun Weor has the answer. Through stories from his own experience and analysis of well-known events, Samael Aun Weor demonstrates that much of what we believe about extraterrestrials is false, based on fear, stubborn skepticism, and outright lies. He explains how easy it is for advanced humanities to hide from us, and why they must. Regarding concrete facts about flying saucers, people would proceed like cannibals. However, it is clear that the crews of those cosmic ships who know human savagery very well are not willing to let themselves be ensnared, since they know the fortune that awaits them, that is, the intellectual-loafers would make them prisoners, the ships would be seized and used for war, etc. Logical analysis demonstrates the existence of advanced humanities, and their presence on our planet. There are thousands of documented cases of unexplained ships on our planet, of government cover-ups, and decades of attempts to encourage us to discard the facts as fantasy or foolishness."


ISBN: 9781934206393