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Description: Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to release your negative belief patterns effortlessly? How incredible would it feel if you were able to respond to any situation from a space of grace, ease and love? This is exactly what you will be able to do if you follow the guidance of Master Saint Germain as revealed in the Blueprint of Oneness. Saint Germain's words, channeled by Ashamarae McNamara, guide us through a direct inner experience to receive and realize his teachings. Many times throughout the book, the reader is encouraged to stop, breathe, feel and allow the energy of Saint Germain before progressing further. Integration and self-transformation can thus take place, not only through the mind but also through the heart itself. Here is an opportunity to anchor a wave of light that has not been experienced before in that magnitude. WHAT MAKES THIS BOOK SPECIAL? 'The Blueprint of Oneness' offers the reader a direct experience of higher energetic levels of being. The words are energetically infused by Saint Germain to support the reader bringing forth Unity Consciousness from within. The book is like a vehicle, transferring energy to assist the reader to be and express their self-mastery. The book unique in that the body of the work is interactive. There are several opportunities throughout the book to directly experience this energy moving within you. At these points in the book Saint Germain suggests that you stop, breathe, feel and allow the energy to move through.


ISBN: 9781844091980