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Description: With his signature conversational tone and relaxed style, New York Times bestselling coauthor of Fit For Life, Harvey Diamond shines a bright spotlight on how to lose weight naturally as part of a healthy and forgiving eating lifestyle. As Harvey explains in EAT FOR LIFE, it isn't necessary to make radical dietary and lifestyle changes to reach and maintain a health weight. All it takes are a few simple modifications to make sure that the food we choose works for us to provide the body with what it needs to excel. No more merry-go-round diets are necessary! Diamond's dietary recommendations are time-tested, tried and proven. The principles of eating delineated in the Fit For Life books have been remarkably successful for people over the years, and it is from those books that Diamond has extracted the most important basics to help the reader in the quest to lose that stubborn weight. In EAT FOR LIFE, readers will learn: - How to lose weight naturally as a lifestyle - How to eat for taste and good health with no deprivation - How to improve digestion and reduce pain - How combining foods help shed pounds and increase energy - How to use simple exercises that promote weight loss - How enzymes help remove fat With sections on food combining, the importance of exercise, enzymes explained and delicious raw recipes contributed by top raw food chef Natalia KW and much more, readers of Eat For Life will have the necessary tools and information they need to put what and how they eat to work for them. Author's Previous Books: 9780732266912 FIT FOR LIFE - NEW ED.


ISBN: 9781591203056