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Description: A superb high quality hypnotherapy CD combining gentle hypnotherapy techniques with state of the art digital recording technology. From the Best selling Diviniti Publishing Hypnosis range which regularly features in the top 20 of the Whitaker Book track UK audio chart. Both tracks are aimed at empowering children and are packed full of hypnotic positive suggestions embedded in absorbing story lines. As a father myself I wanted to create a powerful CD that will help kids of all ages overcome typical fears and help them cope with the many pressures facing kids growing up in the world today". "The pressures of schoolwork and of fitting in with peer groups as well as building feelings of self worth and self-respect". Children of all ages can listen to both tracks, although the first track is aimed at a slightly younger audience, approximately from 5 to 12, and Track 2 is roughly aimed at 10 to 16 year olds. I would explain to your child that they mustn't worry if they feel they are too old (or young) as the most important part is absorbing the suggestions towards the end of each track. Whatever their age it is a good idea to encourage them to listen to one or both tracks regularly. Includes a pleasant English voice. Hypnotic echoed background vocals panning from left to right across the stereo range - a deeply relaxing and unique effect. 60 B.P.M digital sound effects & subliminal suggestions - all compounding the overall effect. Combining powerful hypnotherapy techniques with state of the art digital recording technology."


ISBN: 9781901923353