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Description: Beautiful Ducks plucks 40 of the world’s most distinctive duck breeds from the pond and displays them in all their glory. Stylishly lit and shot against draped backgrounds, these sitting ducks are prize-winning examples that have been primped and preened for their moment in the spotlight. They reveal not only a surprising diversity of shape and hue, but also a range of mischievous personalities and an uncanny ability to look the viewer in the eye. The book includes descriptions of each breed, covering their origins, physical attributes, and uses. There’s also a history of ducks, an introduction to breed basics, and reportage photography from rare breed shows. So whether you wish to get abreast of the duck world, admire beautiful photography, argue endlessly over your favourite portrait or if you’re looking for an irresistible gift book, Beautiful Ducks is guaranteed to fit the bill.

Publisher: MURDOCH

ISBN: 9781743361535

Publish Date: Nov 1 2012