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21st Century Girls

Author: Palmer, Sue

Description: A must-have parenting guide to raising girls in the 21st Century. 'There can be no keener revelation of a country's soul than the way it treats its children' - Nelson Mandela. Childhood, as a stage in human development, has been steadily eroded. Children today are introduced to 21st Century adult values and behaviour at an increasingly early age, long before they're developmentally ready to cope with them. We expend immense time and effort attending to their material needs while neglecting their developmental needs. In this important polemic, Sue Palmer believes that if we don't get a grip on this problem soon, the increase in developmental disorders, behavioural difficulties and mental health problems recorded by experts over recent decades will soon roll out of control. In Part 1 she discusses: the problems facing parents in an age of materialism, the way gender wars have intensified those problems, the debate about the 'femal brain', the reasons why contemporary culture can be so damaging for children, especially girls and the challenges involved in detoxifying family life. In Part 2, Sue looks at five aspects of child-rearing, the particular problems they raise for girls, and advice on what she has learned from the experts. Every parent, grandparent, teacher and carer of girls needs to read this book.

Publisher: HACHETTE

ISBN: 9780752890135

Publish Date: May-13

Page Count: 320