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Australian Healthy Snack Bible 2013

Author: Clark, Amanda

Description: The 2013 Australian Healthy Snack Bible has been compiled by leading dietitian Amanda Clark ( Adv APD). This pocket sized guide is an extract of her dieters manual "Portion Perfection - a visual eating plan" and serves as an annual update to the brand named content of that bestselling book ( 20,000 copies sold to date, via bookstores and directly from the authors website). Snack products are chosen for their proximity to the ideal calorie content for weight loss or weight maintenance. Each natural or brand named snack is then assessed for nutritional content and classified as suitable for either everyday or occasional intake. The products are shown in pictorial form so theyre easy to identify in the supermarket. Additions to this edition include a bonus cereal guide, showing the healthiest Australian cereals and defining the recommended serving sizes, and a selction of beautifully photographed snack recipes for one.

Publisher: Wooodslane

ISBN: 9780987390042

Dimensions: 15.00 and 11.00 cm

Publish Date: Jan-13

Page Count: 80