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My World, Your Future

Author: Porritt, Jonathon

Description: Looking back over half a century from 2050, My World, Your Future presents key scientific and technological innovations, individual lifestyle changes and historical moments yet-to-happen that could change our world for the better. Here is a future where schools and colleges around the world are connected in shared learning networks, where pupils learn how to do things as well as learn about things. A lot of learning is self-initiated, and pupils have almost unlimited access to e-learning initiatives of every kind. Digitally-delivered content helps get rid of that 'one size fits all' mindset, and pupils are keen to provide their own feedback and peer ranking. Here is a future where solar power (of different kinds) is the most important source of energy across the entire world – 30% of total global electricity comes from solar, delivered through both small-scale solar panels on people's homes, to enormous solar fields in the African desert. Here is a future where only 10% of the billion cars on the road are 'owned' by individuals, the rest are leased out by the car companies who take responsibility for complying with the 100% disassembly rule that came into force in 2016, or they are owned by car clubs or rental companies. Here is a future where our standard IT devices are computing at the same rate as the human brain. They are repairable, so rarely need replacing, and when they do, they are 100% recyclable. Here is a future where almost everyone has had their genome mapped, and this has transformed healthcare. Everyone knows the medical conditions they are predisposed to, and can take preventative measures accordingly – nowhere more so than in the food they eat. Based on extensive factual research, leading environmentalist Jonathon Porritt describes a sustainable world that is prosperous, exciting and healthy, and something we should all want to strive for. Through the eyes of narrator Alex McKay, a representative of the Millennium-born generation, Porritt leads us through 50 things that harness the technology at our disposal and change the world we live in during the decades leading up to 2050, both good and bad. Invoking a future that has happened, Porritt's indispensable vision captures a vibrant and dynamic planet that we can work towards achieving by acting right now. My World, Your Future takes concepts of sustainable development out of the theoretical, and makes them engaging, tangible and urgent, thereby leapfrogging increasingly polarized, environmental debates – and importantly, offering a unique, upbeat and positive view of such debates. Easy-to-use, jargon-free and accessible, the book shows us what a sustainable future could look like. Fully illustrated with futuristic imagery, My World, Your Future creates a vision of the future we all aspire to. Each entry stands alone and has been specifically designed to provoke, challenge and amuse. They focus on things that really matter to people – their homes, education, cars, communities, food, holidays, healthcare, children, leisure, communications, the arts, adventure, the environment, etc – linking issues pertinent to the present day to those that encapsulate our vision of the future. At the back of the book, a 'follow-up' section contains ideas and information on how we personally can effect change, with links to relevant organizations, people, initiatives and campaigns, a guide to further reading, a glossary of key terms and an index for easy navigation and reference.

Publisher: PENGUIN

ISBN: 9780714863610

Publish Date: Sep-13

Page Count: 328