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Birth of a Psychedelic Culture

Author: Dass, Ram and Melzner, Ralph

Description: No understanding of the history of the sixties could ever be complete without a grasp of the work of Leary, Alpert, and Metzner, the cultural resistance to their experiments, and the way in which psychoactive drug use became a part of contemporary society. Next Generation Independent Book Awards Finalist, Birth of a Psychedelic Culture shines a bright light on these experiments and their cultural milieu through never before seen photographs and the personal accounts of authors Ralph Metzner and Ram Dass, who vividly recall descriptions of particular “trips” as well as conversations with luminaries such as Aldous Huxley, CharlesMingus, Allen Ginsburg, William Burroughs and others that appeared on the scene.


ISBN: 9780907791386

Dimensions: 25 and 20 cm

Page Count: 264