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Description: Weight loss comes down not to fad diets but to one very simple equation: calories in minus calories out. It's basic accounting. If you're putting on weight, you're failing to balance the books. You're eating too much or not moving enough, or both.' In this straightforward but groundbreaking new book which documents her own dramatic weight loss, Jessica Irvine equips you with easy-to-use tools and practical information to help you lose weight. Then, once you've lost weight, she shows you how to keep it off and, should you happen to put some kilos back on, how to lose it again (like she did). Packed full of personal tips, Jessica explains the simple accounting principles she utilised to lose weight and then maintain her weight loss. Let Jessica help you beat the odds to become a 'successful loser' and transform your body forever. 'The bottom line is that our bottom lines have been crying out for a good accountant. We must take back control of our own bodies.'

Publisher: ALLEN & UNWIN

ISBN: 9781743317839

Publish Date: Jan-14

Page Count: 256