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Description: During the summer of ’69, Elliot Tiber helped start the Gay Liberation Movement and saved the Woodstock Festival from cancellation. But the most significant of Tiber’s life adventures did not happen until After Woodstock. In this third and final memoir following the critically acclaimed Palm Trees on the Hudson, Tiber chronicles a series of madcap and often heartbreaking adventures he had while navigating the entertainment industry. Guided as much by luck as by his creative talents and pure chutzpah, Tiber’s journeys take him around the world—all while chasing that elusive brass ring. The heart of this bittersweet tale, however, lies in Tiber’s affectionate retelling of a decades-long relationship he had with the celebrated Belgian playwright/director André Ernotte. Through his colorful life with André, Tiber finally learns the true meaning of love as his relationship with André is tested harshly by the emergence of AIDS and a series of events that threatens to sever the bonds between them. A passionate and ultimately joyful evocation of a time when the world was very different, After Woodstock reminds us how our search for love and meaning drives us forward.


ISBN: 9780757003929

Dimensions: 22.90 and 15.20 cm

Publish Date: Mar-14

Page Count: 224