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Description: Find a lasting solution to your anxiety with this new interactive approach from Teach Yourself. Are you suffering from anxiety? Do you want to learn techniques for overcoming troubling thoughts and feelings of fear? Would you like lasting strategies to help you stay anxiety-free for good? This workbook encourages an interactive use of one of the most effective methods for beating low mood and anxiety: cognitive behavioural therapy. It doesn't just tell you how to feel better - by using diagnostic tests, practical exercises and thought challenges, it will show you how to feel better. The coverage includes all the major anxiety disorders - such as OCD, general anxiety disorder, panics and phobias - while the exercises and support throughout will give you a feeling of real progress. Helpful sections on living without anxiety will prevent future relapses, helping you to regain control of your life - for good.

Publisher: HACHETTE

ISBN: 9781444196061

Publish Date: Mar-14

Page Count: 288