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Description: This title presents a revolutionary approach offering the first home treatment programme for sufferers of eating disorders and their carers. It is based on the concepts of neuroplasticity - re-wiring the brain to transform negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones - and mindful awareness. It provides a holistic plan to address the needs of eating disorder sufferers, developed by Karen with the help of expert, Dr Irina Webster, by directing the suffers attention away from food. Part memoir, part self help manual, this book traces a mothers harrowing but ultimately heartwarming story of her journey to fight the disease that threatened her daughters life. After going through research, professional consultations, lectures by the likes of Deepak Chopra and others, and many hours of insightful dialogue with her daughter, Amy Karen, with the help of expert Irina Webster, MD, has devised a holistic plan to address the needs of those suffering from eating disorders. "Mum, Please Help" explains, step by step, how you can beat any eating disorder at its very core. This is the personal story of a mother who wanted desperately to save the life of her daughter, and succeeded. And she has come to share the fruits of her heartbreaking but victorious journey with all those who have a loved one suffering from an eating disorder, or who may themselves be sufferers.

Publisher: WOODSLANE

ISBN: 9781908337047

Dimensions: 23.50 and 15.00 cm

Publish Date: Apr-14

Page Count: 148