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Description: Your online identity is quickly becoming more crucial to your personal and professional success than in-person communications. But most of us don’t understand this digital Wild West and the dangers that lurk around every corner. Most of us are unaware of the digital bread crumbs that we leave behind with every post, and how easy it is for a person with malicious intent to harm us. Catching the Catfishers is for every user of social media, teaching you how to: Safely and successfully navigate the online world. Protect yourself and your children from online predators, cyber stalkers, and chat-room bullies. Detect if someone is not who he or she claims to be. Learn what digital bread crumbs you leave behind and how to clean them up. Control your own online identity. Use social media to find the right relationship, employee, or anything else you are looking for.

Publisher: Career Press New Page Books

ISBN: 9781601633071

Dimensions: 20.50 and 13.50 cm

Publish Date: 6/1/2014

Page Count: 256