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Description: About Two Squares, a truly revolutionary book for children by the Russian avantgarde artist El Lissitzky, will extend the boundaries of anyone’s imagination. Radically simple, and yet beautifully sophisticated, this book tells the story of two squares who take on the mission of rebuilding the world. First published in 1922 in post-revolutionary Russia, About Two Squares was “constructed” using pure geometric forms and typographic elements as a means to disseminate the new order, with Lissitzky propelling the reader to build their own future and pointing them in a daringly modern direction. Inspired by Kazimir Malevich’s suprematist vision of a non-objective art, About Two Squares had an immediate impact on the European art world with its publication in Theo van Doesburg’s avant-garde art journal, De Stijl, and redefined what an illustrated book could be. Left wonderfully open-ended, the book finishes with the simple words “and then…”, encouraging young readers to reinvent the world for themselves.

Publisher: THAMES & HUDSON

ISBN: 9781849762571

Dimensions: 31.00 and 26.00 cm

Publish Date: 8/1/2014

Page Count: 24