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Bulletproof Spirit

Author: Willis, Captain Dan

Description: Every year, more police officers kill themselves than die in the line of duty. Acute stress in firefighters, military personnel, emergency response teams, and police officers can cause lack of all emotional feelings insomnia sleep deprivation acute stress anger management issues depression anxiety paranoia and panic reactions. And all of these symptoms are reflected in the family relationships of the first responder, resulting in alcoholism divorce estrangement from children and siblings drug addiction excessive gambling even the very crimes the officers try to prevent: spousal abuse and murder. Many first responders wear bulletproof vests to protect their physical bodies. Unfortunately, no such protection exists for the emotions and spiritual wellness of these brave heroes. This book, based on 25 years of police work and work with suicide prevention for first responders, will help these troubled souls who give their lives to protect us. The incessant violence and suffering they confront every day weighs heavily upon their spirits, virtually crippling them with depression, and they then push their families away. Each day, as they confront death and destruction, their cheerful, caring demeanor grow colder, more cynical and calloused by the day the direct result of witnessing so much senseless cruelty. The invisible wounds of the job ripple outward, the wear and tear affecting not just the first responders themselves but their friends, family and colleagues. The need for emotional survival and wellness training for first responders has become a critical issue for all of us. These public servants have unwittingly become victims of the professions they once loved. However, suffering that results from a professional life of sacrifice and service is preventable. Losing a first responder to emotional and psychological trauma should never be part of the job. There are proven, effective methods to shield and nurture the first responder’s spirit. This book gives them the 10 essential keys to emotional survival—and will give them hope. This ground-breaking work offers advice and support for understanding the challenges of responding to violence and suffering, and shows first responders and their loved ones how to protect and nurture their spirits, and also how to seek help and make effective use of the help that exists, from professionals, peers, and families. Each chapter offers a key to healing and spiritual and emotional wellness, including: Overcoming the “hyper-vigilance” cycles Learning survival techniques from colleagues Techniques for shielding and sustaining one’s spirit Using agency wellness programs Mitigating the effects of acute trauma, stress, and PTSD Involving loved ones in the healing and nurturing process.


ISBN: 9781608682614

Dimensions: 21 and 14 cm

Publish Date: 1/11/2014

Page Count: 272