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Against the Current

Author: Garvey, John

Description: In Against the Current, John Garvey takes on the ways in which we use religion to keep ourselves from experiencing it at its real depths. Our culture distorts our sense of religion, often by reducing it to a mere preference. A "self-help" mentality can lead us to oversimplify the complexities of the spiritual struggle. Our need to be right -- so often seen as a positive reinforcement in religion -- is usually nothing more than a way of protecting the ego, and can keep us from humility and a kind of creative doubt. Finally, what do we do when the church itself seems to be part of the problem? Against the Current addresses all of these difficult questions in fresh and creative ways.

Publisher: Templegate

ISBN: 9780872432680

Dimensions: 18.4 and 13.3 cm

Publish Date: 1/11/2005

Page Count: 128