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Beauty Detox Diet

Author: Rockridge Press

Description: The Beauty Detox Diet is the complete guide to cleansing your body of harmful environmental toxins through a healthy, natural diet. Nearly every time you step outside, put something in your mouth, or apply something to your skin, you are exposing your body to toxins. Although the human body can usually eliminate most of these poisons, it can also become overloaded, leading to fatigue, hormonal imbalances, weight gain, rashes, and serious diseases such as cancer. A beauty detox will help restore balance to your system. The Beauty Detox Diet provides you with the resources you need to kick the toxin habit once and for all, leaving you feeling and looking better than you have in ages. With over 75 recipes for an easy and effective detox, you will quickly feel the difference in your skin, hair, and nails, with every step you take, all while looking younger and healthier.


ISBN: 9781623151997

Publish Date: 1/11/2014