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Flutes in the Garden

Author: Richards, Chip

Description: This is a story of the small miracles that are all around us, waiting for an invitation to come into our life! There once was a farmer who lived with his wife and their son in a great and fertile land. They grew all kinds of fruits and vegetables in their garden and every afternoon the farmer drove to the village and sold his crops in the market. One year, the rains dried up and many months passed without a single drop. The land became dry and the crops stopped growing! The farmer thought long and hard about what to do, but he could not think of anything to make the rains come back or the plants grow. One night, with nowhere else to turn, the farmer dusted off his old flute and began to play. The next morning he woke to the most incredible surprise…… and thus began a journey for him (and all of us!) to discover the magic, the miracles and the music of life!


ISBN: 9781922161369

Page Count: 68