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111 Places in Provence That You Must Not Miss

Author: Nestmeyer, Ralf

Description: The Papal palace is familiar. But who would imagine finding an internees camp or milestones of modern architecture in Provence? Did you know that one of the biggest and most beautiful French bookstores is in a hamlet with 1,000 inhabitants? Who knows the house in which Max Ernst lived before he went into exile? Who knows where you can buy salamis by the metre, and where the world's deepest karst spring can be found? Far from the typical cliches, this book shows unknown niches in Provence - 111 surprises large and small that tell stories and reveal the extraordinary

Publisher: Peribo

ISBN: 9783954514229

Dimensions: 20.5 and 13.5 cm

Publish Date: 1/11/2014

Page Count: 240