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200 Light Vegetarian Dishes

Author: Hamlyn

Description: Cutting down on red meat is a great way to avoid eating too much saturated fat, as well as keeping your cholesterol low. Now that the quality of fruit and vegetables that we can buy is so good, more and more people are opting to eat meat-free meals in order to save money and calories. This book can help you start up a meat-free regime, or if you are a already a committed vegetarian, it can boost your repertoire with its inventive low-fat meals that come in under either 500, 400 or 300 calories. A delicious range of salads, soups, main courses and desserts for low-calorie meat-free meals at any time of day.

Publisher: HACHETTE

ISBN: 9780600628958

Dimensions: 16.3 and 14.6 cm

Publish Date: 1/02/2015

Page Count: 240