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Author: Lee, Corey & Wolfinger, Eric

Description: Benu is one of San Francisco's most celebrated restaurants, and one of only a handful to receive two Michelin stars and a four star review from The San Francisco Chronicle. Tipped as the next big American restaurant by both The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, Benu is headed up by Korean born, American raised chef, Corey Lee. Lee brings his background to bear on the food at Benu creating an eclectic, creative Asian inspired American cuisine that explores identity, culture and belonging. Benu - the cookbook is a tribute to the experience of dining at the restaurant. Using a classic Benu tasting menu as its narrative spine, Lee will take the reader through over 50 recipes using each one to share anecdotes on food, cooking and his inspiration. Stories Lee will share include everything from the difference between western and eastern seasoning, to defining American cuisine and the influence of kung-fu films on his food and in doing so will create a cookbook with broad appeal.

Publisher: PENGUIN

ISBN: 9780714868868

Dimensions: 29 and 21.4 cm

Publish Date: 1/04/2015

Page Count: 256