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30-Second Evolution

Author: Battey, Nicholas & Fellowes, Mark

Description: Evolution is the unifying force in modern biology, bringing together such diverse fields as microbiology, genetics and palaeontology. It provides a powerfully persuasive explanation for the staggering diversity of life on Earth but remains a source of controversy and throws up several bones of contention.How life has evolved has taxed the very best of brains, from Da Vinci to Darwin and, in our own time, Richard Dawkins...30-Second EvolutionĀ unlocks the laboratory of life, dissecting it into the 50 most significant topics that provide the missing links to understand the natural world's four-billion-year ancestry and the process of natural selection in which species either adapt in myriad ways - mutation, ingenuity, and intelligence - to meet the challenges of a changing environment, or die.


ISBN: 9781743365625

Dimensions: 23 and 18 cm

Publish Date: 1/06/2015

Page Count: 160