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60 Second Secrets - To a Happy, Healthy, More Relaxed YOU

Author: Julie Maree Wood

Description: A gorgeous gift of a year's worth of easy to implement ideas to improve your health and wellbeing. There are so many things we know we can do to be healthy and full of life, but who's got the time to wade through all the books and articles? 60-Second Secrets offers a one-stop, 60-second daily grab of ways to improve your health and moods - what you can easily do and why. Julie Wood gives wonderful daily tips for health and relaxation. As a nutritionist and naturopath, she sees many clients with major health issues that wouldn't have arisen had they had a simple regime eighteen months earlier. With over 300 practical, easy-to-implement tips, 60-Second Secrets lays out this regime. It's divided into spring, summer, autumn and winter, so you can support and strengthen your body for this season, and prepare it for the season ahead.

Publisher: ALLEN & UNWIN

ISBN: 9781742372099

Dimensions: 16 and 16 cm

Publish Date: Sep-10

Page Count: 368