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Author: Goldstein, Dr. Nikki

Description: What does it mean to have a successful relationships these days? Is it really about "til death do us part" or should we instead be focusing on how much fun and enjoyment we can have with another person for the time that they are in our lives, however long that might be. We seem to have all just blindly accepted that dating success is about finding a husband whose traits we can tick off a list, but the idea of the single woman has changed. We're no longer sitting at home, waiting for the phone to ring, desperate for the company of a romantic partner. Sure we're dating, but why does that mean and do we have to take ourselves off the market or be boasting of a boyfriend? #Singlebutdating is all about empowering women to make their own choices in life, love, relationships and sex. How many times have you been confronted with the form that asks if you're single, married, widowed or divorced? There is a growing number of women whose status has never been addressed; who don't have their own identity, the ones that are #singlebutdating. Dating is not a science. We don't all fit one mould and no two of us are on the same journey, so why is it that all the relationships advice books all focus on way of life and love. The world has changed and with it, the dating landscape. Today, we want to do it all without necessarily saying "I do"- love affairs, marriage, divorce, dating after divorce, one night stands, casual flings, booty calls, internet dating, holiday romances, dating multiple people, finding Mr Right, Mr Right Now and even Mr Wrong. We are open to the idea of marriage and true love, but are just as happy enjoying the #singlebutdating life while we have it. #singlebutdating is not a set of rules and steps to help you bag a husband and walk down the aisle, rather it's a single girls guide to life in a modern dating world, whatever that might be and the tools she needs to survive and thrive in it.


ISBN: 9780857989642

Publish Date: 1/09/2015

Page Count: 288