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30-Second Shakespeare

Author: Barber, Ros

Description: The bestselling 30-Second series takes a revolutionary approach to learning about those subjects you feel you should really understand. Each title selects a popular topic and dissects it into the 50 most significant ideas at its heart. Every idea, no matter how complex, is explained in 300 words and one image, all digestible in just 30 seconds. 30-Second Shakespeare uses this unique approach to grapple with the worlds most famous playwright. From what we know of his life and the intrigue of the authorship question, to uncoding the meanings of key concepts, themes and motifs, and the Bards extraordinary enduring literary and linguistic legacy.

Publisher: THAMES & HUDSON

ISBN: 9781782402602

Dimensions: 23 and 18 cm

Publish Date: 1/09/2015

Page Count: 160