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Mindful Mandala Colouring Book

Author: Tenzin-Dolma, Lisa

Description: Viewed as the key to self-knowledge and inner peace in Eastern traditions, a mandala is a symbolic spiritual image which, when meditated on, can bring about profound transformation. Featuring imagery from a range of spiritual and religious traditions, as well as from the natural world, this wonderful book offers a superb collection of black and white mandala artworks for you to colour in, plus guided meditations for every image, and a further section of basic line templates for you to create your own mandala designs. Bringing together the timeless wisdom of Buddhist thought with the deeply spiritual symbolism of the Celts, and the profound healing power of nature – from plants and animals to the earth, the cosmos, fire and water – these harmonious images are perfect for engaging in mindfulness and meditation. Combining creativity and fun with concentration and contemplation, the act of colouring in these artworks helps us to ease anxiety and insecurity, bring about clarity of thought, and regain our personal balance. In today's unrelenting, fast-paced world, the need for this artistic time out has never been greater.


ISBN: 9781780289052

Dimensions: 24 and 23 cm

Publish Date: 1/10/2015

Page Count: 216