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Against Capitalist Education

Author: Bakhshov, Nadim

Description: Out there in the so-called real world the education system is being crushed by the demands of capitalism and, in turn, is crushing those who pass through it, reducing them, diminishing them. The dream of the economic functioning unit. How do we break this? We need alternatives but not just one or two. We need the freedom and education to generate a trillion possibilities. An education system that is as broad as it is deep, that brings back a different type of thinking and a new use of fiction. This book signals the return of the dialogue and the conversation as the ground out of which new realities are born, the root out of which new alternatives are nurtured and explored.


ISBN: 9781785350573

Dimensions: 21.6 and 14 cm

Publish Date: 1/12/2015

Page Count: 136