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Gut Makeover, The

Author: Hyde, Jeannette

Description: The Gut Makeover is the first, clinically proven, gut health diet to help you lose weight and transform your health. Recent studies from leading researchers have shown that the state of our gut is central to our weight and health. This means if you want to look and feel good over the long term, you need to focus on creating a high performance digestive system. The Gut Makeover is packed with clear and simple guidance, plus meal planners and plenty of delicious and filling recipes to help you on your way. Eminently practical and straightforward, this four-week plan (Remove; Replace; Reinoculate; Restore) will first repair the gut and then repopulate it with a good bacteria to build a mighty microbiome. You'll find out how and why the diet helps you lose weight, and brings about the numerous proven health benefits associated with it, including: reducing Alzheimers and depression risk; lowering high blood pressure; tackling insomnia and IBS; improving acne and rosacea; and improving energy levels. The Gut Makeover is the only book you'll need to control your weight, improve your skin, lift your spirits and strengthen your immune system for good.

Publisher: HACHETTE

ISBN: 9781784297725

Dimensions: 23.4 and 15.3 cm

Publish Date: 1/01/2016

Page Count: 256