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50 Games To Play With Your Cat

Author: Strachan, Jackie

Description: Challenge your cat! Amaze your friends and family. Cats may spend up to two-thirds of their life asleep but when they're awake, they enjoy wall-to-wall entertainment: something to stalk, to chase, to explore or to eat. Whether your cat favours energetic pouncing, sedate strolls around the garden, or a gym-style workout indoors, you'll find that your input will be much appreciated. Here are some great ideas for engaging your pet in healthy play, including make-your-own-props and accessories as well as creative ways to use manufactured toys that will give your cat all the exercise they need. It provides expert tips explain your cat's behaviour, show you how to coax a cautious cat into play without coercion, and reveal how to gently wind down an over-excited cat. You can read, learn and indulge your cat with a daily play session that you'll both love.

Publisher: THAMES & HUDSON

ISBN: 9781782403531

Dimensions: 21 and 15 cm

Publish Date: 1/01/2016

Page Count: 128