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30-Second Newton

Author: Clegg, Brian

Description: Not only a towering figure in his own era, Newton also left an immense scientific legacy, much of which still underpins key theories today. So if the principal thing you remember about him is that an apple fell on his head, it's high time you learned a little more. 30-Second Newton offers a fast-track understanding of the key theories that formed the core of Newton's thinking, and looks at the roles he played over his long life, and at the network of connections he forged with his contemporaries. A team of expert authors assess his breadth and brilliance, offering the reader not only succinct analyses of his work on gravity, light, colour, and calculus, but also a broader picture of the key role he plays in the history of science.

Publisher: IVY PRESS

ISBN: 9781782403111

Dimensions: 18 and 23 cm

Publish Date: 1/02/2016

Page Count: 160