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Against the Pollution of the I

Author: Lusseyran, Jacques

Description: Against the Pollution of the I presents six essays by the blind French author and Resistance leader Jacques Lusseyran. Despite the constraints of blindness in daily life and society’s inevitable prejudices, Lusseyran—who was awarded the Croix de Guerre by the French government for his courageous service in the French Resistance—conveys through his writing that our disabilities, whatever they may be, are in truth our most precious gifts. Two of the included essays delve more deeply into the human drama and heroism of his interment in a Nazi prison camp at Buchenwald, which Lusseyran described so movingly in his autobiography And There Was Light. Others explore the mystery and wonder of the world that his remarkable inner vision revealed and offer a comparison of sight both with and without eyes. Blindness enabled Lusseyran to discover aspects of the world that he would never have otherwise known. In two astonishing essays, he vividly describes many senses beyond our usual five—available to us all if we only pay attention. In his essay “What One Sees Without Eyes,” he describes how he lost nothing when he became blind —that an inner light greater than any outer light had come to take the place of what he had lost. Blindness, for Lusseyran, invited him to pay closer attention, enabling him to discover the divinity of the world available to all people. In this remarkable collection of essays, Lusseyran offers us a way to access our precious light-­filled inner self — our I. He declares that the I’s central vitality is under attack, and being polluted, by everything that steals our attention away from it and does not revere it. His love for humanity compels him to declare the I in need of protection.


ISBN: 9781608683864

Dimensions: 20 and 12.5 cm

Publish Date: 1/03/2016

Page Count: 192