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Awaken Your Psychic Ability

Author: Malone, Debbie

Description: Debbie Malone, Australian Psychic of the Year 2013, acclaimed spirit medium, psychic and clairvoyant, psychometry expert and TV personality, dips into her experiences from working alongside police forces with investigative and missing persons cases, and conducting numerous mediumship readings for people over the years, to bring you the most comprehensive and empowering book to develop your intuition to profound heights. Awaken Your Psychic Ability takes you on a ride towards your soul, as Debbie shares her wisdom and skills, including exercises in bringing to life the psychic within you. Debbie Malone is a renowned and respected Spirit Medium, psychometry reader and clairvoyant, awarded Australian Psychic of the Year 2013 􀂃 A comprehensive guide to help the reader deal with any issues in your life with spiritual wisdom 􀂃 Each chapter explains the different types of psychic gifts we have within us, includes exercises and meditations that will help you to practice and strengthen your hidden psychic talents 􀂃 Mediumship and Psychic Development is a strong base among readers of spirituality –this book will not date 􀂃 Suitable for all ages and backgrounds –A great gift book 􀂃 Popular TV personality and Author of bestselling Angels To Watch Over You, Angel Whispers, Angel Wishes card-sets and Angel Reading Cards by Rockpool Publishing


ISBN: 9781925017953

Dimensions: 23.4 and 15.3 cm

Publish Date: 1/05/2016

Page Count: 264