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Abandonment Recovery Workbook, The

Author: Anderson, Susan

Description: One day you have it all together. The next, you find yourself bereft of everything you took for granted. Love has turned sour. The people you depend on have let you down. You feel you’ll never love again. But there is a way out. In her bestselling The Journey from Abandonment to Healing psychotherapist Susan Anderson guided her readers through the five stages of abandonment. In this, the only workbook to aid readers in healing from abandonment, she explores the seemingly endless pain of heartbreak and shows readers how to break free. This workbook with help Overcome the heartbreak caused by the loss of love from divorce, breakup, or death, as well as the loss of a friend, job, health, or dreams. Heal the underlying abandonment wound from past or present losses. Build self-­esteem and overcome fear of rejection. Resolve issues of mistrust and insecurity. Identify the self-­defeating behaviors of the outer child. Make better choices and build healthy new connections. Increase the capacity for love. From the first feeling of hopelessness to making new connections, The Abandonment Recovery Workbook provides an itinerary for recovery. Moving through the five stages of your journey—shattering, withdrawal, internalizing, rage, and lifting—this book serves both as a source of strength and as a workbook with hands-­on exercises that you can use to come away with a new sense of self—a self with an increased capacity to love.


ISBN: 9781608684274

Dimensions: 25 and 20 cm

Publish Date: 1/07/2016

Page Count: 360