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When Mary Becomes Cosmic: A Jungian and Mystical Path to the Divine Feminine

Author: Richo, David

Description: In exploring the Divine Feminie imagined in Mary, When Mary Becomes Cosmic opens us to another way to honour her - not unlike the mystics, who have travelled along this was to the depths- and helps us to explore the richness that lies in what Jung reffered to as the Catholic Church's treasury of image and metaphor. The archetypal images found in ancient and treasured "Litany or Loreto" form the framework for this books, and, enriched with quotes from a variety of spiritual writers, Richo guides us through reflections on: "Who is Mary?" and "What is the Divine Feminine?" Finally in the appendix, "A Retreat with Mary," the author encourages prayer with suggestions for various ways of praying with music, art, movement, silence, etc. as well as "being" with the image of Mary.

Publisher: Paulist Press

ISBN: 9780809149827

Dimensions: 12.7 and 20.2 cm

Publish Date: 1/07/2016

Page Count: 144