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Author: Amoruso, Sophia

Description: The first thing Sophia Amoruso sold online wasn't fashion. It was a stolen book. At age 17 she was a dumpster-diving, shoplifting anarchist. By 29 she was the founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, a $100 million plus fashion empire. Filled with brazen wake-up calls ('You are not a special snowflake'), frank observations ('Failure is your invention'), and behind-the-scenes stories from Nasty Gal's meteoric rise, #Girlboss is more than just Amoruso's story, it is a book for anyone seeking a unique path to success - even when that path is winding as all hell and lined with naysayers.

Publisher: Portfolio

ISBN: 9780241217931

Dimensions: 19.8 and 12.9 cm

Publish Date: 29/07/2015

Page Count: 256