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Calm Colouring

Author: Lenaghan, Jacqui

Description: There are over 100 unique drawings in this book inspired by Jacqui’s love of quilt design for the colouring enthusiast to complete. Calm Colouring is the perfect creative outlet for quilt makers and colour connoisseurs alike and quilt designer Jacqui Lenaghan has created amazing new designs available for the first time in sketch form for you to add your own artistic colour palette. This colouring book of quilt designs is a natural progression for Jacqui as she finds colouring a joyful and therapeutic experience and the first step in learning a new craft and perfecting a long term hobby. This book provides you with fresh mandala like patterns to colour for relaxation and stress relief and may even provide the inspiration for your next quilt project!


ISBN: 9780992307042

Publish Date: 1/05/2016

Page Count: 112