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William Morris: An Arts & Crafts Colouring Book

Description: William Morris s patterns are enduringly popular for their originality and color, and have captured the imagination of countless designers and artists. This coloring book explores the intricate work of William Morris, and allows the reader to invent their own colorways to complete Morris s patterns.45 patterns to color, interspersed by full-color reproductions of the original designsOrganized into four sections Nature, Color, Pattern, and Craft to highlight different aspects of the designs, and the crafts and skills behind themExplores Morris s love of nature, his artistry, mastery of color, and innovation in pattern design in concise introductory texts"

Publisher: THAMES & HUDSON

ISBN: 9780500420591

Dimensions: 27 and 21.5 cm

Publish Date: 01 Oct 2016

Page Count: 96