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Zoomers' Handbook, The

Author: Moraes De, Ana

Description: This is not a handbook for farmers. Farmers look after chickens, cows and pigs. Anyone can do that. This is not a handbook for zookeepers. Zookeepers look after monkeys, elephants and lions. That's easy. This is a handbook for zoomers. Zoomers look after very special beasts...You can discover the secret of the shiger's stripy wool, the challenges of owning a loyal but gigantic dogephant and the special skills of the super-fast horsodile in this mind-bending, creature-blending debut from husband and wife team Thiago and Ana de Moraes.


ISBN: 9781783442157

Dimensions: 28 and 24 cm

Publish Date: 01 Dec 2016

Page Count: 32