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Path of Presence, The

Author: Andrews, Synthia

Description: Presence is the inner light you emanate that orchestrates and directs your life. It connects you to Spirit, inspires your creative expression, manifests your dreams, and helps you meet and overcome adversity.he light of your Presence is the radiance of your essential self. Are you dedicated to a spiritual path, but not feeling as connected as you would like? Do you seek positive change for the Earth, but feel helpless to act? Are you overwhelmed with personal challenges, or paralyzed with fear, pain, or loss? Do you have a vision that you have not been able to manifest? If so, it's time to magnify your Presence and leave the wishful state of hoping for the active state of creating.

Publisher: Career Press New Age Books

ISBN: 9781632650672

Dimensions: 22.9 and 15.2 cm

Publish Date: 01 Dec 2016

Page Count: 272