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Beach Fit: From the Health & Fitness expert who has helped thousands of women eat well, lose weight and get healthy

Author: Beach, Kim

Description: Eat well, lose weight and get healthy with inspiration from Kim Beach, whose down-to-earth, expert approach and achievable health, diet and fitness advice has already helped thousands of busy women of all ages. In a world where so-called 'experts' abound to tell you how to exercise and what to eat, Kim Beach provides a straightforward, down-to-earth alternative. As a busy mum running a business, she understands how difficult it can be in our time-poor modern life to squeeze our health and fitness into our over-stuffed schedules, so she's developed training solutions that will work for everyone. Kim's promise is that the long-term solution for a fitter and healthier lifestyle is based around eating well, training hard, staying consistent and, most of all, enjoying your journey.


ISBN: 9780733337871

Publish Date: 1/04/2017

Page Count: 208