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28 Lessons in Self Mastery - Life Skills Series Vol. 1

Author: Tal, Sharon

Description: Sharon Tal is a qualified kinesiologist, counsellor, Reiki Master, teacher, and the host of her own inspirational radio show. This book is a culmination of her work over her many years in professional practice, and it is written for those willing to raise their consciousness and evolve to the next level. Like you, Sharon is committed to her successful evolvement. With information and exercises taken from Sharon’s Life Skills Series Workshop, this book offers you the opportunity to: 1. Connect to your true essence, 2. Understand your patterns, 3. Clear old programs and sabotaging behavior, 4. Gain clarity on your life purpose and 5. Learn to really love yourself. Sharon invites you to step on the conscious path, understand what holds you back, and find yourself. May you enjoy this process, just as she did.

Publisher: Animal Dreaming Publishing

ISBN: 9780994524898

Publish Date: 1/06/2016

Page Count: 160